Inverness Leisure » Baby Swimming Guidelines

Small children and babies can benefit enormously from learning to swim and will gain confidence in and around the water, however it is important to remember that a baby is vulnerable for a number of reasons. The Scottish Amateur Swimming Association recommend you start taking your baby to the swimming  pool from around 6 months old.

These are some points to remember:

Don’t overdo your time in the pool – babies lose heat a lot quicker than adults and find it difficult to regulate their body temperature.

For small children and babies we recommend no longer than 20 – 30 minutes in the water at one time.

Keep moving – remember babies and young children will find it gets colder quicker if they are not moving around in the pool.

Submerge your baby to shoulder level or ensure they are wearing a full suit. Babies out of water will soon become cold.

If your baby/child is more susceptible to the cold it may be worth investing in a neoprene swimsuit – this will help keep your child warm when they are in the water.