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Baskets, Bobbins and Barvas Ware Blog

Assistant Conservator Rachael Thomas and Documentation Assistant Helen Pickles will be highlighting items from the collections store at Am Fasgadh.

Funded through Museum Galleries Scotland’s Recognition Fund they will discuss their year-long project to document, conserve and improve the storage and accessibility to some of the most vulnerable parts of the collection. You can find out more about Rachael and Helen here

Blog Helen and Rachel


Rachael and Helen will be keeping a blog throughout the project to share what they are working on and to keep readers posted with any interesting discoveries made along the way!

Blog post #19 – That’s all folks! – July 2018 – Rachael and Helen finish their year long project and tell us about their favourite moments.

Blog post #18 – Make do or mend? – June 2018 – Rachael takes us through the conservation process used on our treen objects.

Blog post #17 – What do we mean by treen? – June 2018. Find out what do Rachael and Helen mean by treen!

Blog post #16 – Making Memories – May 2018. Helen discusses the links between objects and memory.

Blog post #15 – Horsehair and snare – May 2018. Rachael and Helen move on from basketry to  venacular rope making.

Blog post #14 – Steele and Horn – April 2018 Helen and Rachael continue to research hornware and meet a local craftsman to see just how it’s done!

Blog post #13 – Taking the collection by the horns – April 2018 – Rachael tells us more about the horn item in our collection

Blog post #12 – Marvellous Barvas – Part 2 March 2018 – When the Barvas Ware came out of the fire and into the milk.

Blog post #11 – Marvellous Barvas – Part 1 March 2018 – Discover how Helen and Rachael started to make their own Barvas Ware

Blog post #10: Barvas Ware and Craggans – Jan 2018 – Helen tells us more about this unique type of pottery.

Blog post #9: Giving it a whorl – Dec 17 – Helen shows us what happened when she had a go at using some of the textile hand craft tools!

Blog post#8: Reel Detective Work – Dec 17. Rachael tells us about what it takes to put back together damaged items in the collection.

Blog post #7: In a spin about textile tools – Nov 17. As they leave baskets and move onto textile tools Helen tells us what she has discovered so far!

Blog post #6: A few of our favourite things – Oct 17. Helen and Rachael tell us about their favourite baskets.

Blog post #5: A buzz about skeps – Sept 2017 – Helen shows us what she and Rachael have bee’n working on this month.

Blog post #4: Pads for pack saddles – Sept 2017 – Rachael shows us some of the conservation challenges with pack saddle pads.

Blog post #3: Baskets-style & substance – Aug 2017 – Who knew there were so many different basket types?

Blog post #2: Baskets galore – Aug 2017 – Hear about what are we actually doing with all those baskets!

Blog post #1: Introduction to the Project – July 2017 Find out about the background to our project, how it was funded and what the team will be working on.


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