Obair òigridh

Are you 11 to 25 and interested in taking part in activities and working within your community to make sure young people are listened to? High Life Highland has a Youth Development Officer in each of the 29 secondary school catchment areas to help you do just that.

The activities support your learning and personal development helping you to have fun and get involved in your community.

Youth Development Officers target many of their activities at young people who live in areas where opportunities are limited or life circumstances are challenging.

Young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own development and are offered a range of Awards, which recognise and celebrate their achievements e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, Youth Achievement, John Muir, and Saltire Awards.

The Youth Development Officers are supported by a Highland-wide team who are responsible for programmes such as the Highland Youth Parliament and the Young Scot National Entitlement Card and associated services.

The Youth Development Officers also support the Highland Youth Convener. This is a full-time bursary post, for a young person to represent the interests of all young people to the Highland Council and other key agencies such as the NHS and Police.

If you are a young person, aged 11 upwards, we will help you find the opportunities available within Highland; remember we are here to support you.

Please click here to see the Youth Convener’s report.