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Explore Our Historic Buildings

Step back in time with the Highland Folk Museum…

Five of our historic buildings are now available to explore on the interactive maps below. Step inside and immerse yourself in Highland history!

360-degree images, videos, audio and text all help to bring our buildings to life. No matter where you are in the world, you can pay us a virtual visit!

Clockwise from top left: Blackhouse, Boleskine Shinty Pavilion, Knockbain School, Travellers’ Summer Encampment, Lochanhully House

Clockwise from top left: Blackhouse, Boleskine Shinty Pavilion, Knockbain School, Travellers’ Summer Encampment, Lochanhully House

Head to the Aultlarie Croft map to discover:

> The Travellers’ Summer Encampment – explore the hazel bough tent to learn about the heritage and culture of the Scottish Travelling community.

On the Balameanach / Middle Village map you will find four buildings to discover:

> The Blackhouse – find out what kind of homes people inhabited on the north-west coast and Hebridean islands in the late 1800s, and the belongings that they would have owned.

> Knockbain School – step back into this single-teacher school from the 1930s. Find out about the typical lessons and playtimes from this era, and what school was like for pupils nearly 100 years ago. How does it compare to your own school days?

> Boleskine Shinty Pavilion – learn about the Scottish stick and ball game of shinty, how it is played, and what it means to the communities of the Highlands.

> Lochanhully House – Take a trip down memory lane with our 1950s interiors. This Highland home includes many familiar objects from the mid-20th century.

Click on the blue arrows on the maps below to start the tours.

Once you are inside a building click on the red ? icon for help with navigating the interactive tours, and guidance for translating the text into other languages.

Aultlarie Croft:

Balameanach / Middle Village:

Pinewoods and Baile Gean Township:

Many of the objects highlighted on these digital tours are part of our museum collection and are stored in the purpose-built store, Am Fasgadh. Sadly, we can’t keep them permanently inside our historic buildings as they need to be kept in a dry, secure and stable environment to protect them for future generations. Thanks to digital technology, we are now able to showcase these unique objects to you in their natural setting.

With these tours, we are able to present many of the objects in context for the first time, highlight the stories that the objects tell about life in the past, and the people that made and used them.

The creation of these digital resources has been made possible thanks to funding from The Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund, which is run by the Museums Association, funding projects that develop collections to achieve social impact.