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Get Involved

Do you have any items which tell a healthcare story?

As part of our Health, Wealth, and Happiness project, we’re looking to collect artefacts from across the Highlands and the NHS Highland area which represent a range of health and wellbeing experiences. We’re also collecting items, information, and images which relate specifically to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A selection of these donations will feature in our Health, Wealth, and Happiness exhibition on the history of healthcare in the Highlands. This exhibition, which launches in the spring of 2022, will be shown in Inverness and Thurso.

Collecting Covid

Questionnaire for Individuals

Questionnaire for Groups and Businesses

We’re seeking help from businesses, groups, and individuals to create an archive that will reflect experiences of the pandemic in the Highlands.

By adding your stories, items, and images to this archive, you’ll be leaving a record for future generations to appreciate and explore.

Healthcare Stories

Healthcare Stories Questionnaire

You can help us build a picture of life in the Highlands by offering to donate a healthcare item (or items) to Inverness Museum.

Your item could be something which relates to mental or physical health, or which reflects a lifestyle, occupation, or community. It doesn’t have to be old, expensive, or unique- all it has to do is tell a story.

If you’d like to donate a healthcare item to Inverness Museum, please let us know by completing the questionnaire above. Thank you.

Please be aware that there are some donations which we may not be able to accept. Although we’re grateful for every contribution, sometimes an item can be too big, too fragile, or too similar to something we already have in our collection.

What sort of items can I donate?

There are lots of items which relate to healthcare. Your donation could be:

  • a poster made to thank essential workers during the pandemic
  • a shop sign advising customers to stay 2 metres apart
  • an item you carried, used, or wore as part of your work in a healthcare setting
  • a letter or card sent from a friend when you weren’t feeling well
  • an item you associate with providing care to someone
  • a piece of equipment designed to improve your quality of life
  • something you took with you for a hospital stay
  • a photograph of you and your colleagues wearing medical uniforms
  • an item made or used as part of therapy
  • a medical device that’s no longer in use
  • any additional items you can think of!

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].