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Community Gallery

The Community Gallery is generally used to display work by groups working in the museum and art gallery.  We usually hold 3-4 exhibitions a year, programmed around a year in advance.

Priority is given to groups working with the museum and art gallery to create work, but there are slots available for completed projects by other organisations with an accompanying engagement programme devised by the displaying group, for example talks or workshops.  There is no charge for the space.

Due to fire regulations, all work must be framed. We have black or white frames that can take work up to 40 x 50cm unmounted or be used with mounts for smaller pieces. You may source your own frames but they must be able to have fittings attached for hanging on a hook and rod system. Please be aware the gallery is in a bright space at the entrance to the building, and work will be exposed to sunlight.

If you are interested in working with the museum to create an exhibition with your group or would like to display already completed work, please contact Curator (Collections Engagement) Alison Parfitt.

The Community Gallery is not a commercial or professional space – if you are a professional artist looking to display work, please contact Visual Arts Curator – Cathy Shankland.