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Unravelling: Reflections, Remembrance and Regeneration

Fiona Percy 

Image: “Unravelling Failed Fruition”
by © Fiona Percy

As a mixed media, textile artist, Fiona Percy explores the impact of folk tales, traditions, and skills, on the individual.  Moving through a peri-menopausal, childless state, Fiona delves into the notion of failed expectations of fruition and succession. Bereavement, dementia, loss; shared histories and memories fading over time.

Foraged materials and gathered information from the lived experience, hold the layers of people and place, becoming tactile repositories of memories. Connections that are wrapped up in self, place and reciprocity resonate throughout her work.  Using natural dying techniques, plants provide colour and provenance. The copper Fiona works with, represents transformation and protection; dyes fade, copper tarnishes, both continue to interact and evolve in their surroundings.  Come along and explore this new exhibition, as Fiona reworks and weaves new stories into physical imaginings.

25 February – 22 April 2023
Small Art Gallery