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Well Wishes

A Clootie Wells Engagement Activity

Well Wishes is a mindful craft activity based on the Highland tradition of healing Clootie Wells.

Through our postal project, your ‘Well Wish’ will join others from across the Highlands for the Health, Wealth and Happiness exhibition at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

The wishes will be added to a decorative tree in the museum’s Community Gallery, where they will be on display from mid-April to late July 2022.

We will then compost the wishes – this reflects the tying of cloths at clootie wells, with the decay of the fabric representing the fulfilment of the wish. The compost created will support new plant life in the Highlands.

For further information, please contact Engagement Curator Alison at [email protected].

Activity Resources

You can take part by printing your own Well Wishes pack and either posting your leaf to the museum or returning it to your local High Life Highland Library by 1 April.  Practice sheets and a word cloud are also available for download.

Activity Pack

Word Cloud

Practice Sheet – Writing

Practice Sheet – Drawing

Well Wishes Tutorial

Follow our step-by-step video on how to create your own ‘Well Wish’ leaf and braid.