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Rachel Maclean: Let it Go

11 July – 22 August  Main Art Gallery Using green screen technology, Rachel Maclean constructs fantasy narratives set in computer-generated landscapes. Maclean plays each of the characters in her films donning outlandish self-made costumes and thick make-up. Comprised of six videos, Let it Go, explores themes of class, aspiration and childhood as 6 wide-eyed pauper… Read more »Read more

Lego: Brick Wonders

6 June – 4 July   Main Art Gallery,   Brick Wonders will feature the seven wonders of the ancient world, including the Lighthouse at Alexandria and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, depicted to amazing effect. From the modern world there are seven still-standing wonders including the Great Wall of China and Petra. Seven modern inventions,… Read more »Read more

Real to Reel

18 April – 30 May 2015,  Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Main Gallery Real to Reel is a touring exhibition from the Crafts Council which presents films that are a final product of contemporary makers’ practice. Each is an artwork in its own right, and is concerned with craft and design; thematically, technically or materially…. Read more »Read more

Below another sky

Thursday 12 March – Saturday 11 April   Artists: Sarnath Banerjee, Claire Barclay, Christine Borland, Fahd Burki, Julia Dault, Rohini Devasher, Geoffrey Farmer, Emily Floyd, Michael Fullerton, Louise Hopkins, Janice Kerbel, Jim Lambie, Scott Myles, David Noonan, Elizabeth Ogilvie, Robert Orchardson, Amol Patil, Carol Rhodes, Seher Shah, David Shrigley This exhibition presents new work in… Read more »Read more