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Deposited Collections

Deposited Collections 05What are Deposited Collections?

Our deposited collections can include letters, photographs, family trees, maps, scrapbooks, diaries, artwork and much more. They have been deposited by individuals, families, businesses and societies. Depositing collections with us will ensure safekeeping and preservation for future generations.

What dates do they cover?

Each collection varies in date. Between them they cover hundreds of years. We hold royal letters from 1455 and family papers from 1575 onwards. Our societies papers date from the 19th and 20th centuries and we have documents which were created this year!

What can I use them for?

The deposited collections provide insight into many aspects of Highland life. Among the business collections are the records of Rose Street Foundry/AI Welders and McDermotts Marine Construction. Society collections include Inverness-shire Girl Guides and Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club. Family collections include Baillies of Dunain, Fraser-Tytler and Munros of Novar. We also hold the archives for the Highland Health Board, Caledonian Canal and Northern Constabulary.

Deposited Collections 03Do I need to know anything before searching?

No. If there is a particular subject you are interested in just look in the Highland Archive’s Topical Index . You can also have a chat with a member of staff who will advise which resources may be helpful. Or just have a browse – our collections are full of stories waiting to be discovered.

Are there any viewing restrictions?

Sometimes. When collections are deposited with us the depositor is able to specify his/her own restrictions in the deposit agreement. Staff will be able to advise.

Can I have photocopies or take photographs?

Staff will be able to advise if this is permitted under the terms of the deposit agreement. You can download our charges here.

Where can I find out more?

The Topical Index is ordered alphabetically by subject and gives the reference number for each collection. If you’re planning a visit to the Highland Archive you can contact us ahead of time and request your documents.

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