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Magazines are always available on the Libby app. Get free access to 4,900 Magazines and over 4,500 Comics through the Overdrive website and Libby app.

Sign into the Libby App:

Click on Yes to say you have a library card.
Search for ‘highland libraries’ and click on ‘Highland Libraries, Inverness, Scotland, UK’ option to select it.
Click on ‘Enter Library Account Details’, and enter your library card number and click Next.
Enter your PIN and click ‘Sign In’ and ‘Next’.

Laptops & Desktop Computers

Some desktop/laptop computer users may prefer to continue browsing for books on the Overdrive Website.

Visit highlanduk.overdrive.com and sign in with your Library card & 4-digit PIN.

(Reset your PIN)

Learn more about getting started with Libby.


Discover more magazines and newspapers on Press Reader

Sign in with your library card and PIN using ‘Library and Group’ option.

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