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Access to the Public Access Network PCs, Internet and printing is available by appointment. Please contact your local branch to book a session.

Library customers can, access the internet and use computers. The Public Access Computer Network is available free of charge in all built Highland Libraries (with the exception of Knoydart) and over 130 computers are available for use for free. Charges apply for printing. Please ask staff first for details before using power points.

Talk with library staff about using built in Accessibility features designed to help people with disabilities or visual impairment use the computers more easily such as text to speech and screen magnification.

You’re welcome to use mobile devices in the library, and we will be launching a Wi-Fi service very soon. At some libraries, you can now a plug in your laptop or mobile device.

In order to use the computers in High Life Highland Libraries you must first agree to our Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Library customers with a valid library card can reserve a computer to use in any Library location. Please contact your local library for more information.

If you find a legitimate site which you need unblocked, please submit a request so it can be considered.

Useful Resources

  • ThinkuKnow – Trusted advice about staying safe online