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Bookbug in Highland

The Bookbug programme helps to give all children the best start in life through offering free book gifting and access to free high quality Bookbug Sessions. Taking time to talk, play, read and sing with your little ones reaps long-term benefits. It’s never too soon to Bookbug and there are even resources for expectant parents. Please visit the Scottish Booktrust Bookbug Page for essential information and resources

Check your local library for Bookbug Sessions near you

Bookbug Sessions are FREE 30-minute sessions for babies, children, and families to get together in a relaxed, friendly environment to enjoy sharing stories, songs and rhymes. Led by a trained facilitator these sessions offer you time-out to relax, laugh, read and play with your little ones.

Bookbug App

Download the free Bookbug app to share songs and rhymes on the go, look up new words or make up your own songs and rhymes to instrumental versions!  Explore the app together and create your own personalised playlists.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download.

Bookbug Bags

There are four bags to collect. Each bag contains high quality books allowing your child to build their own mini library. Bags also contain developmentally appropriate resources for play and learning at home.

  • Baby Bag – you will receive this from your Health Visitor when your infant is 3-5 weeks old.
  • Toddler Bag – you will receive this from your Health Visitor when you toddler is 13-15months old.
  • Explorer Bag – you will receive this from your childcare provider when your child is age 3
  • Primary 1 Family Bag – you will receive this from your child’s school when your child is aged 4 or 5

Baby, Toddler and Explorer Bookbug bags can be collected from your local library if you have not received them via your Health Visitor or Childcare provider.

Bookbug for Everyone

Many children enjoy books which they can explore with their hands. Little ones love to feel different textures and find pictures and surprises under flaps or behind doors. Children with visual impairments or other additional support needs can especially benefit from tactile books.  If your child would benefit from sensory or tactile books please make this known when you are going to receive your Bookbug Bag.

Bookbug in Gaelic

Gaelic Bookbug bags – These are available for families interested in the Gaelic language – please make this known to your provider or ask in your local library. Gaelic Bookbug sessions are available in the following libraries., please contact your local library for more information about available sessions.

Bookbug’s Library Challenge

Bookbug’s Library Challenge is a fun way to encourage your child to enjoy their local library. Highland Libraries have a great range of books suitable for every age. Your child is never too young to join the library so please sign up today.

  • Join your local library and pick up your child’s Collector’s Card
  • Collect a stamp each time your child borrows books
  • When your card is full, swap it for a lovely certificate for your child to keep
  • Start collecting stamps on a new card! There are lots of certificates to collect.

You will receive a colourful certificate! To find out more, click here or ask at your local library.

Astar – Royal Scottish National Orchestra App for Babies – a free interactive app for babies and their families featuring music to wake to, play to and nap to, as well as colourful animations of Scottish wildlife.

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