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Wave : a memoir of life after the tsunami
Sonali Deraniyagala

9781844089079 - resizedWave is the harrowing and very raw memoir of Sonali Deraniyagala following the Boxing Day tsuanami that devastated the southern coast of Sri Lanka where her family were taking their Christmas holiday. Tragically – the word seems an understatement – she lost her husband, two children and both parents, and a bit of a miracle she survived at all. That she managed to come out the other end of such an unimaginably hard experience as a reasonably balanced woman able to carry on with her life is remarkable, as was this book.

Perhaps not a cheery bucket of fun, but entirely uplifting by the time you’ve got to the end; very affecting and terribly sad in parts, but kind of makes you incredibly glad for what you’ve got.

Publication Information

Publisher: Virago
ISBN: 9781844089079

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