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I’ll Give you the Sun
Jandy Nelson

9781406326499 - resizedNoah and Jude are twins, linked in that ineffable way that twins so often seem to be. Inseparable for their childhood, things start to change as they get older and I’ll Give You The Sun tells their story from two points in time and alternating perspectives: Noah at thirteen and Jude at sixteen. Hugely talented artists, we see them as they compete and negotiate, taking nothing off the table – not the moons, the ocean, the stars… not even their mother. As we read their wildly different realities it quickly becomes clear that they are telling their story from opposing sides of a terrible tragedy and that, for all their trading of the world and everything in it, there is far more at stake than the sun. While Nelson, as with her debut, riffs on sex, death, life, love, lust and identity – and does so with thought-provoking aplomb – what I’ll Give You The Sun is really about is the intangible relationship between twins: the endless push and pull, ebb and flow of two distinct hearts wrestling for ownership of a shared soul. It is fascinating, different and brilliant. For lovers of gorgeous madness and billowing prose, this is a must read. For everyone else, if you love words and those who use them beautifully, this is your book of the year.

Publication Information

Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 9781406326499

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