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Mo Chlòlan Dubh

Here, PhD student Maureen Hammond of UHI and High Life Highland will be highlighting items from the collection at Am Fasgadh.  With a particular focus on Badenoch, this page will give glimpses of life  in the long eighteenth century, through interpretation of Gaelic, textiles and material culture – ‘Mo Chlòlan Dubh’.

Fàilte gu duilleag ‘Mo Chlòlan Dubh’. Gach seachdain, bidh Maureen Hammond, oileanach PhD aig UHI agus Highlife na Gàidhealtachd, a’ taisbeanadh pàirt dhen chruinneachadh aig Am Fasgadh. Le aire shònraichte air sgìre Bhàideanach, gheibh sibh sealladh air beatha san ochdamh linn deug, tro Ghàidhlig, clò agus cultar dùthchasach.

A wee bit about the PhD

By Maureen Hammond I’m researching for an AHRC-funded PhD ‘Badenoch Textiles: Economy, Innovation and Identity in the Eighteenth Century’ PhD with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).  The studentship, for which Dr Jim MacPherson is Director of Studies, and the Highland Folk Museum / High Life Highland a partner, explores material culture, especially… Read more »Read more

The ‘Kingussie Kilt’

One of the pieces I am asked about most often is the ‘Kingussie Kilt’. The suit (left and above), in Old Robertson tartan, consists of a kilt, a waistcoat and a jacket. Each piece is meticulously constructed and hand-sewn together. Dating to around 1820, it is a visually striking piece and the colours are extremely… Read more »Read more