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A wee bit about the PhD

Badenoch Textiles: economy, innovation and identity in the eighteenth century

L to R: Maureen Hammond, Dr Kristin Lindfield-Ott, Dr Jim MacPherson, Dr Graham Watson, Prof Hugh Cheape

By Maureen Hammond

I’m researching for an AHRC-funded PhD ‘Badenoch Textiles: Economy, Innovation and Identity in the Eighteenth Century’ PhD with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).  The studentship, for which Dr Jim MacPherson is Director of Studies, and the Highland Folk Museum / High Life Highland a partner, explores material culture, especially textiles, as evidence for the construction of identities in the central Highlands during the eighteenth century.

The PhD is co-supervised by Prof Hugh Cheape of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Dr Kristin Lindfield-Ott of UHI Literature, and Dr Graham Watson of Highlife Highland, and it is hoped that the research will help underpin the status of the collection at the Highland Folk Museum as one of national significance.

Flax growing

Alongside the PhD, there is a flax project, which aims to grow and process of flax as close to eighteenth century methods as possible, with talks and events planned for various points throughout the PhD, both locally and further afield.

Contact: [email protected] 

Twitter: @maureen_hammond 

UHI Researcher profile here