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School Records

School Records 01What are School Records?

Our Highland School Records include Admission Registers, Log Books, Feu Charters and Minute Books. They come from hundreds of schools and school boards and management committees. They can also include photographs and other school documentation.

School Records 02What dates do they cover?

School records usually start in or around 1873, following the Education (Scotland) Act of 1872. This act established the first compulsory system of state education for children aged 5-13. Prior to 1872, education provision had been inconsistently provided across the country by various bodies. Dates can vary depending on what records (if any) survive. It also depends on whether or not records have been deposited with the Highland Archive Service.

What can I use them for?

  • to find out if/when someone attended school
  • to discover what lessons were taught
  • to establish who provided the land for a school to be built
  • to trace a teacher
  • to learn about the social history of the Highlands
  • to witness the impact of world events on school children

School-Records-HAC-05What will they tell me?

Admission Registers detail the name, parent/guardian, address and date of birth of pupils. They also list when and why a pupil left the school. School Log Books reveal the day to day life of the school. They can include names of pupils who behaved very well or very badly! School Board or Management Committee Minutes record the appointment of teachers. They also contain details regarding the condition of the school buildings.

Will there definitely be useful information in there?

Researching family history? Do you know if a relative worked or was educated at a certain school? You are likely to find them at one of our four archive centres:

Do I need to know anything first?

If you’re using the records for family history purposes it’s helpful to know which parish or area your relative came from.  If you’re researching social history or a particular area it’s up to you where you start!

Are there any viewing restrictions?

Yes – Due to the personal information within, Admission Registers are closed for 100 years and Log Books are closed for 50 years. If you require access to a closed record please see a member of staff.

Can I have photocopies?

Yes. Charges may apply.

Can I take photographs?

Yes. Charges may apply.

Where can I find out what you hold?

Our education holdings are listed in the black Local Government folders (divided by county).

Where do I go next?

Why not read the next Log Book to see how the school changed and if world events had an impact?  If you’ve found a relevant address why not have a look in a Valuation Roll?

Find out more about the other types of records held by the Highland Archive Service.