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Agave scabra

Shy Plant flowers for the first and last time in twenty-five years 

One of High Life Highland’s resident plants at Inverness Botanic Gardens has enjoyed lockdown more than most, taking the opportunity to flower for the first time in twenty-five years. The plant is an Agave scabra and its natural habitat is southwestern Texas and Mexico, however it is quite happy in the cactus house at Inverness Botanic Gardens. It grows fast and tall, reaching over 15 feet in a matter of weeks.  It was growing at a rate of 12 inches every week and a pane of glass had to be removed from the roof to allow it to continue to grow. 

The Agave scabra at Inverness Botanic gardens was planted around 25 years ago from seed by one of the volunteers from the Inverness Cactii Society and has grown into a classic example of the species.