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2019/2020 Awards

Roddy McKenzie   £788

To undertake specialist training in a particular alternative printing process – platinum palladium printing. Training provided on a 1-1 tuition basis by an expert in the process at Stills Gallery and Centre for Photography in Edinburgh.



Alice Taylor   £500 Emergent Bursary

To create a portfolio of work, purchase of materials and tools to create final pieces both at the Highland Print Studio and at home in a period of self directed development. Alongside the opportunity to undertake training in risograph printing.



Lar MacGregor   £700

To invest in Copper forging tools and equipment, to enabling working with different gauges of copper and add depth and texture to the artwork. These tools are essential to create a new body of work: ‘Actions, Traces, Journeys’, that will be delivered for an exhibition at Caladar Arts in 2020.


Kate McMorrine   £700

To learn a photopolymer printmaking process at the Highland Print Studio and broaden my knowledge of digital processes buy learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator professionally. Having recently been working with ephemeral materials, Kate is keen to find a process which ensures her work has longevity.


Iona Hall   £500

Towards a practical mentorship with Bryony Knox who is a specialist in the technique chasing and repousse. These are traditional techniques, chasing for texturing and embossing design on the metal, repousse adds 3D depth.


Tina Macleod   £700

To purchase a kiln and experiment with enamelling and finishing techniques, in order to progress colour in the work. To create two main collections, a gallery collection consisting of one off more experimental statement pieces and a more commercial collection of smaller scale pieces.


Duncan Wilson   £500

Towards 1-1 graphic design tuition on Adobe Creative Suite, specifically In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop with graphic designer Anna Larsson to create a series of artists books to be displayed as part of Findhorn Bay Arts Festival 2020.


Magi Sinclair   £500

Towards travel costs and time with a mentor to explore becoming more expressive with advice on how to loosen up the tight style of drawing. In order to step out of comfort zone, try different mediums of painting, to become looser in mark making with a view to moving practice further into abstraction.


Fadzai Mwakutuya   £600

Towards travel costs to establish links with Sub Saharan African artists to promote ‘Climate Change Creative’ website and encourage artists to engage with the subject of climate change and contribute to the image bank. Part of the ‘Enough, Glasgow’ for research project.


Fenella Gabrysch   £325

Towards workshop costs of a 2 day weaving course to learn loom specific skills such as: how to dress a weaving loom, how to weave and how to finish your woven cloth.  Providing a depth of skills and developing own research working to grow and develop a series of blue woad dyes, to be used in community workshops.


Isabel McLeish   £500 Emergent Bursary

To attend the residency with ‘La Wayaka Current’ in the Atacama Desert, Chile. This artist-led residency aims to reconnect artists with nature, learn from indigenous knowledge and explore culture and ecology in a time of climate crisis.


Sadie Stoddart   £700

To learn to screen printing at the Highland Print Studio, initially needing one-to-one tuition to learn the basics with one of the print studio professionals. Then a period of supported time to get to grips with the process within the studio. These new skills will be used to develop a new body of work called ‘The Daily Thorn’ – a one off tabloid newspaper that swaps the human stories within it with that of weeds.



Meg Miller   £500

Towards taking part in a three-week artist residency in October 2020 organised by Beetime Art and Ecology Research Projects  in Santa Lucia, a remote village in Southern Andalucía, Spain. A period of research for collecting inspiration to make a new body of work and realise some long terms plans.



Emily Coulson   £700

Towards a mould maker masterclass run by Ed Bentley, who has 25 years of experience working in the ceramic industry both as an artisan maker and teacher. Developing skills as a mould maker for slip casting ceramics.  A unique opportunity to expand capabilities to make more complex moulds and enhance the quality of pieces.




Nicola Gear   £500

For professional mentoring to develop new recording skills compatible with weather conditions on the water during performances, as well as production techniques to adapt the sound tracks to the two different acoustic spaces in the exhibition ‘Waterscape’ at Circus Artspace, Inverness.