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2018/2019 Awards

Richard Bracken, £900

To access foundry facilities in order to create a series of bronze or iron sculptures developed from digitally manipulated images of wooden craft objects.



Leon Patchett, £558

To invest in equipment, training & materials to develop new sculptural work consisting of large carved sculptural wooden forms which be clad with natural materials to create a textural skin.


Pamela Tait, £1,000

To technically develop skills by learning two new printmaking techniques and explore new presentation forms for a confirmed exhibition.



Tina Macleod, £1,200

To develop a new body of work exploring surface texture and incorporating silversmithing techniques to expand her contemporary jewellery practice and reach a larger audience.



Jan Baxandall, £800

To develop and research print processes using more natural and handmade dyes and printing inks by attending an intensive workshop with Joanna Kinersly-Taylor.



Karlyn Sutherland, £1,375

To purchase sheet glass to be used in the development of new works for exhibition at Collect 2019 (held in the Saatchi Gallery, London) with Joanna Bird Contemporary.


Hannah Burr, £900

To work closely with a bereavement charity to design a brand new collection of lockets that create a tangible link between the wearer and their lost loved one.



Sarah Paramor, £500

To learn and use a new basketry technique, Burkina Faso, this will build on her 2018 work exploring traditional basketry techniques for use with Highlands soft plant materials.



Suzie Eggins, £1,500

To obtain a lasercutter-engraver machine to help develop her visual art practice, extend skill set into new technologies and reach new audiences.




Phoebe Jones, £695

To take part in a residency with Sail Britain, exploring the Inner Hebrides by sea. To expand knowledge of that environment in order to create new ideas through creative and cultural exchange.



Lorna Campbell, £500

To develop  skills in moving image through mentor support, film tuition and applied research, producing new work based on ideas developed on residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop.


Paul Campbell, £744

To produce a new series of work, Human Wanderlust: a photographic study of people in their environment at a moment in time.