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2016/2017 Awards

Karlyn Sutherland,  £1200

To support participation in the AA2A (Artists Access to Art Colleges) scheme at the University of Sunderland and develop a series of large-scale wall-mounted works in glass for Collect.




Jennifer Cantwell,  £700

To train with a tattoo artist in Edinburgh and learn specialist colouring and shading techniques that can be applied to tattooing on leather.



Merissa Lapsley,  £500

To purchase a loom and create conceptual , innovative textiles by combining both industrial and conventional materials with new and traditional weaving technique to create interior sculptural pieces- based around tactility and scale.


Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie,  £500

Mentoring placement – Lynne had two meetings with artist mentor,  Mike Inglis, over a 6 month period. The fund supported Mike’s time and travel expenses to Gairloch.


Michael Webster,  £850

To create an art work which is part photographic, part non-narrative documentary in the Peruvian Amazon, with the Clipperton Project, and Local Communities. Funding helped cover the costs of the trip and post-production.





Zoe Gwynne,  £250

To attend  black & white photography course with Alicia Bruce at Streetlevel Photoworks in Glasgow covering darkroom photography and shooting with a 35mm camera.


Mary Bourne,  £700

To purchase of materials and tools in order to support a  period of research and studio development through focussing on the passage of time as measured by stone and light.



Caroline Inckle,  £700

Three months self-directed professional development including one-to-one training at the Highland Print Studio to develop the quality and integrity of artwork, alongside professional mentoring to help identify next career steps.


Magi Sinclair, £700

To explore monotype printing the Highland Print Studio to enable the development of new work and introduce colour and spontaneity , in contrast to previous drawings.


Eileen Gatt,  £700

A project introducing the age-old skill of stone-setting into the work, adding to a new skillset to the creative design possibilities and incorporate this learning into the creation of a new collection.



Laura West,  £500

An essential, comprehensive introduction in laser cutting by authority Jenny Smith, to enhance, simplify and expedite bespoke bookbinding and developing leatherwork, which is rapidly gaining new customers.


Patricia Niemann,  £800

Design, making and professional documentation of a new body of sculptural jewellery work based on the theme of Red Deer, an iconic species in Scotland and internationally. Funds to support material costs and contribute towards photography.


Jenny Mackenzie Ross,  £1200

To build an adobe and kelp sculpture kiln and further my research into sculpture techniques, to test kiln design and to form a public event to coincide with the anniversary exhibition.


Rebecca Brown,  £1200

Towards the cost of a small top-loading kiln in order to support the move into an independent studio. Funds to enable the development and experiment further with new ways of making marks into ceramics using techniques that are often apply when printmaking such as carving, etching and mono printing.