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East Caithness Community Sport Hub

Introducing the North Highlands newest Community Sport Hub ...

East Caithness Community Sport Hub is based around East Caithness Community Facility in Wick, a dual use facility between Wick High School, High Life Highland Leisure Facilities and Library. The CSH brings together clubs and key partners both that use the facility and that are contained within the local community. The Community Sport Hub is open to all clubs and organisations that are based within the East Caithness area that have the ambition to develop their own clubs and to contribute to the development of sport as a whole within the local community.

To build a local community hub that comes together to share ideas, ambitions and expertise that will strive to make sport, health and wellbeing opportunities and physical activity easily accessible and enjoyable for every person in the local community.

Who is Involved:

11 Clubs – 939 Participants – 110 Deliverers

Initially a group of key partners in the area met to begin to scope the project and to collectively start to map the locally sporting landscape – this group of was made up of the Head Teacher of Wick High School, Head of PE, Community Sports Hub Officer for the North the Highlands, sportscotland’s Partnership Manager, Local Active Schools Coordinator, Local Facility Manager, Local Youth Development Officer, School Pupils & local sports and activity clubs.  This group have collectively helped take the project to the community as part of a series of community engagement events and follow up meetings to establish the East Caithness Community Sports Hub.

The East Caithness CSH also has strong links with the regional Sports Specific Officers.


Apex North Gymnastics Club
Caithness Badminton Association
Caithness Boxing Club
Caithness Climbers
Caithness Tora Kai Karate Club
Caithness United Football Club
Caithness Youth Darts
East End Football Club (Wick)
Wick Coastal Rowing Club
Wick Netball Club
Wick Swimming Club


East Caithness CSH events: COMING SOON!



Community Sports Hub Officer – Katie Matthews

T: 01349 781691 / 07747842713

E: [email protected]

fb: www.facebook.com/cshhighland

Twitter: @HLHSport


Active Schools Coordinator: Gary MacDonald

[email protected]


Facility Manager: Alan Larnoch

East Caithness Community Facility