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3G Artificial Turf Information

3G Artificial Turf

3G (or 3rd generation) artificial turf is recognised as a durable, safe, year-round playing surface, able to withstand regular use and all kinds of weather.

Numerous scientific studies conducted by government agencies around the world, and undertaken by independent experts have all validated the human health and environmental safety of 3G pitches and crumb rubber. In addition, Labosport – an independent laboratory that specialises in the testing of sports surfaces – has assessed crumb rubber in the UK, EU and USA to the same test method that is required for the testing of children’s toys (EN 71-3 – Safety of toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements (Material of Category III)). It has not once found any toxicology issues doing these tests.

High Life Highland, sportscotland and the Scottish FA have all investigated the health and safety of these playing surfaces and issued releases saying there is no scientific research which suggests there is a problem.

In summary, based on the available evidence on exposure to rubber crumb by swallowing, inhalation and skin contact, there is no significant health risk due to the presence of rubber infill from used car tyres on artificial turf pitches.

High Life Highland, along with colleagues in The Highland Council, continue to monitor the results of scientific studies across the world.