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fitness classes

- Over 100 fitness classes
- Body Attack
- Circuits
- Spinning
- Yoga

swimming pools

- Leisure pools
- Lane swimming
- Term time swimming lessons
- Love to Swim private lessons
- Steam Room
- Sauna


- Fully qualified gym instructors in every gym
- 1:1 personal training
- Wide range of equipment
- Strength & Conditioning

court activities

- Single court hire
- Junior sports activities
- Badminton
- Gymnastics
- Trampolining

Choose the perfect plan

A highlife membership offers you and your family access to a range of health and fitness opportunities in leisure centres throughout the Highlands. In addition to swimming pools and gyms, your membership allows access to court activities, swimming lessons and a huge range of group exercise classes for people of all abilities and interests. Your membership also secures access to great range of local benefits as well as accessing libraries and other facilities.

Want to try before you sign up? Find out about 10 days for £10 here.


Per month

Individual membershiP

From 1st April 2024


Per month


From 1st April 2024

Corporate Membership packages available here.

Yearly payment options available here.

Budget and PAYG options available here.

Membership Terms & Conditions available here.

Work out how much you could save by transferring from paying per activity to a monthly membership.

For example, if you work out at our centres once per week week and go for two swims in a month, paying for each session, it would work out much cheaper for you to join our highlife Individual membership.

Try it out for yourself with our savings calculator.

Enter how many times a month you use the gym, go for a swim, attend an exercise class or climb and see how much you would save on a monthly basis with our highlife Individual membership.


Your membership also secures access to great range of local benefits as well as accessing all our leisure facilities as part of your membership.

If you are looking to upgrade your Budget or PAYG account, or to restart / unfreeze your account, please click here

If you are a member of an organisation that benefits from a High Life Highland discount, or an employee of High Life Highland, please contact our Central Team: [email protected]

If you would like to make changes to your highlife Membership click here.

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