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Highland Athlete Travel Award Scheme

The Highland Athlete Travel Award Scheme is currently supporting 17 Highland athletes at regional, national, and international level, from 12 different sports. Check out the profiles below together with more information on how to apply for 2024-25, if you are a Highland athlete.

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The Highland Athlete Travel Award Scheme is funded by sportscotland and High Life Highland and is administered locally by High Life Highland.   The scheme can support individuals that are taking part in sports recognised by sportscotland (for more info visit: www.sportscotland.org.uk/sport-a-z ).  We hope it will make a real difference to the quality of sports performance for people living in Highland.

The overarching aim of this scheme is to improve opportunities for Highland athletes to participate, progress and achieve in sport by:

  1. Helping to prepare Scotland’s best athletes from Highland to perform on the national and international stage;
  2. Providing financial support for Highland athletes to access high performance expertise in sport;
  3. Helping Highland athletes to consistently achieve selection to national age grade, national GB programmes and ultimately winning on the world stage.

The outcomes that will be monitored by this scheme are:

  • Athletes from Highland gaining National representation (age group / open) in accordance with their Scottish and or National Governing Body’s athlete development pathway;
  • Athletes from Highland gaining representation at the Commonwealth Games;
  • Athletes from Highland gaining selection to GB World Class (Podium, Podium Potential) funded programmes in Olympic / Paralympic sports;
  • Athletes from Highland who are currently on a Professional Sporting Pathway;
  • Athletes from Highland who are transitioning to central Scotland to further their sporting development pathways within high performing environments;

Applications for 2024-25 will open in the new year.

Eligibility & Application Process

An individual who:

  • Has been a permanent resident of Highland for over 12 months and will reside in Highland for a minimum of 8 full months over the funding period.
  • Attends regular training and competitions that take place outside of the Highland region;
  • *Attends regular training and competitions that take place within Highland provided the venue is at least 120 mile round-trip from their place of residence;
  • EXEMPTION: Further Education students going into their 1st year of study outwith Highland will be considered for application as long as they have been a permanent resident of Highland for over 12 months; OR
  • EXEMPTION*: Performance level in Sport requires living / training / competing outside of the UK for more than four consecutive months (121 days +), please note this must be evidenced and supported by your Coach and the Scottish or National Governing Body of your sport for your application to be considered and eligible.


Is committed to their own development expressed through goals, performance indicators, aspirations, mind-set and dedication;

and is either

An athlete who is currently competing at a national or international level with the potential for competing as a professional athlete; or

  • Part of a regional squad in a team sport; or
  • Part of a national training squad, working with experts in organisations such as sportscotland and UKsport; or
  • Recommended by the relevant Sport’s Governing Body.

A successful application to the Highland Athlete Travel Award Scheme will demonstrate that:

  • There is a demonstrable need for the funding to support the athlete’s training and competition programme inside* (120 mile round trip minimum distance) and outside of the Highland region;
  • The athlete is committed to their training and competition programme;
  • The athlete’s training, competition and travel and accommodation plans are well thought out, represent value for money and minimising their carbon footprint where possible;
  • The athlete’s expenditure can be fully accounted for;
  • The athlete’s programme will meet the overarching aim and outcomes of this scheme;
  • The athlete is committed to fulfil their long-term aspirations and further sporting pathways within higher performing environments within Highland and Scotland.

We cannot support:

  • Whole squads or teams;
  • Sports that are not recognised by sportscotland (See link for recognised sports https://sportscotland.org.uk/sport-a-z/);
  • Funding for training or competitions that have already taken place or take place outwith the 2023-24 financial year;
  • Late applications that have missed the deadline.

Please note all eligible applicants must operate a bank or building society account in their legal name. Applicants under the age of 18 should use a bank or building society account in the name of a legal parent/guardian. Successful applicants are required to take part in promotional events from time to time, including social media and press releases.

Applications for the 2023-24 Highland Athlete Travel Award Scheme have now closed. Please note that applications cannot be accepted after the closing date.

Forms & Guidance

A sample application form is available below and can help guide you through the content for your online application. Please note we can only accept online application forms via the link below (if you have any accessability needs regarding the application form, such as requiring it in large text format, please contact an ATAS facilitator via the ATAS email address: [email protected]

More information can be found below in the FAQs, Application Guidelines, and link to the online application form:

Highland ATAS FAQs

Highland ATAS Guidelines

SAMPLE Highland ATAS Application Form final 2023