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Welcome to the High Life Highland Countryside Rangers blog! Join us here for lots of info from the team about local wildlife across the Highlands. We will be sharing our knowledge with you on a variety of subjects, such as fungi, birds, mammals and insects. Each of the Rangers will also provide an insight into some of the projects they are involved in and the work they do on the ground to help protect the biodiversity of the Highlands.

Misunderstood Moths Blog

Pink blob and Dog Vomit Pt two

Pink blob and Dogs vomit Pt one – August 2021

Scottish Primrose – July 2021

“Watching Otters in The Highlands” – June 2021

“The Barn Owl”- May 2021

“A Hidden Highland Cave” – April 2021

“Ranger Toad Transport” – December 2020 (No.2)

“Lichen – The Fungi that Developed Agriculture” – December 2020

“Corvids – Let’s crow about it!” – November 2020