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Music Tuition Practice-a-thon 2023

Between 6th & 19th November, all HLH music tuition pupils have been invited to prove to their Instructors (& families) that they CAN practice consistently!

They need to practice for a minimum of 15mins per day (except Sundays) and can be sponsored by the minute (be aware that there’s no upper limit to practice time!) or for a total amount pledged if they complete the challenge.

Pupils can either ask for this form to be completed with the appropriate amount(s) and will collect sponsor money at the end of the challenge (which parents will then transfer using the link below).

Alternatively, you can make an immediate donation associated with your chosen pupil by using that same link.

We deliver music tuition free of cost to all our registered pupils, but the money raised from this sponsored event will go towards continued support of the many additional performance opportunities and experiences we are able to offer Highland pupils.

We are extremely grateful for your support.