Music Tuition » Terms and conditions


We hope that your child enjoys music lessons with us and will make the most of the opportunities.  These terms and conditions form part of the relationship between all those involved and set out what to expect from participation.

Frequency of lessons

Once the Instructor has accepted an application, weekly lessons of 25-30mins are delivered in school time.  These will most likely be part of a beginners group and some Instructors timetables are designed using a blended approach in which delivery is a combination of face to face and online using Google Meets. Where possible, we try to maintain tuition from the same Instructor within the same ASG (although this is something just not geographically possible). Parental requests to have a specific Instructor continue teaching outwith the ASG (e.g. when a pupil moves schools) will be considered on a case by case basis, but cannot be automatically assumed.


No lessons are delivered during school holidays or when activities organised by the school prevent lessons taking place. On in-service days & severe weather closures it is sometimes possible to maintain lesson continuity through online delivery & this would be arranged directly by each Instructor.  During study leave, music Instructors are available to teach as normal & pupils are expected to discuss individual arrangements. From time to time music Instructors support pupils in concerts, shows, assemblies etc. instead of the normal lessons and participation in this kind of activity is highly recommended for both musical and wider developmental reasons.

Costs involved 

Instrumental tuition in Scottish schools is currently delivered free of charge.  There will be a need to purchase music books, occasionally equipment, & sometimes you may be asked to make a contribution to the costs of an activity beyond the normal school-day teaching remit.  In most cases, we are able to provide an instrument (or access to an instrument) for as long as this is required.  Parents should NOT purchase an instrument prior to lessons starting as ownership does not guarantee a place on an Instructors timetable.

Changing schools

Every effort will be made to maintain continuity of teaching for pupils transferring from another school; however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Parental obligations

Learning an instrument to any sort of standard isn’t going to happen overnight, and we expect parents to offer support and encouragement to develop a daily practice regime – your patience may be tested in those first few weeks…months…years!  Progress is logged through Gsuite and our HLH Management System – we encourage communication with the Instructor. Once a pupil is proficient enough to join a school; Area or Regional ensemble (Highland Young Musicians), we ask that pupils are given appropriate support which enables them to be fully committed (taxi driver; enthusiastic concert-goer…maybe even Committee member!)  Participation in these ensemble activities teaches our young people lifelong skills of all sorts beyond the obvious music skills they learn.

We DO NOT recommend another teacher without prior consultation with you childs HLH Instructor.  This is definitely not helpful at beginner stages and can often lead to pupil confusion and restricted progress.  There may be circumstances at more advanced stages where a HLH Instructor will recommend additional specialist support where specific aspects of an instrument can be developed further.

In the unfortunate circumstances that a decision to discontinue lessons is reached, parents are requested to cancel through the online portal, and to also inform the Instructor directly as a matter of courtesy. Any instrument or equipment on loan must be returned at this stage, or an invoice for replacement costs will be issued.

Pupil requirements

In most cases, we will be in a position to offer free loan of an instrument or equipment – the pupil and family are expected to look after HLH instruments, which are high value pieces of equipment. You will probably need to organise buying your own tutor books and music.  An initial supply of accessories (e.g. reeds, valve oil, replacement strings etc.) will be given to pupils using an instrument on loan from High Life Highland – but these supplies are limited and through time, pupils may be expected to supply their own accessories.

Enthusiasm counts for as much as natural ability – let your Instructor do their job by being able to build on your childs enthusiasm each week and allow them to make progress. We’re in this for the long-term…but Instructors sometimes have to recommend stopping tuition if things really aren’t working out.  This would not be done without initial contact with parent/carer to alert them to any issues which might be helped with additional support from home.