Music Tuition » Terms and conditions


We hope that your child enjoys music lessons with us and will make the most of the opportunities.  These terms and conditions form part of the relationship between all those involved and set out what to expect from participation.

Frequency of lessons

Once a pupil has been accepted on to an Instructors timetable, weekly lessons of 25-30 mins are normally provided and will usually be part of a group.  Exceptions include school holidays, in-service days, severe weather closures and activities organised by the school which prevent lessons taking place.  During study leave music instructors are available to teach as normal. From time to time music instructors support pupils in concerts, shows, assemblies etc. instead of the normal lessons.

Payments, refunds and fees exemption information

Direct debit payments are spread across 12 months of the year.  Failure to maintain direct debit payments will result in lessons being stopped.

If we fail to provide a music instructor in school available to teach for a minimum of 34 lessons over the academic session then fees may be refunded (please note information above about exceptions).  For long term pupil absence (eg due to illness or injury) a direct debit ‘freeze’ may be agreed. ‘Frozen’ DD’s and refunds are at the discretion of the Music Development Officer.  Refunds will not be paid due to pupil withdrawal from tuition.

It is the responsibility  of parents or carer to ensure that benefits exemption information is up to date in order that correct fee charges are applied.  Checks may be made periodically to ensure qualification for fees exemption is valid.

Changing schools

Every effort will be made to maintain continuity of teaching for pupils transferring from another school; however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Parental obligations

Parents must offer support and encouragement to their child to practice regularly. Parents wishing their child to discontinue lessons are requested to do so through the online portal, and to inform the instructor directly as a matter of courtesy when returning any instrument on loan.

Pupil requirements

Pupils are required to purchase their own tutor books and music.  An initial supply of accessories (eg. reeds, valve oil, replacement strings etc.) will be given to pupils using an instrument on loan from High Life Highland – but these supplies are limited and through time, pupils will be expected to supply their own accessories.

Progress is reviewed regularly and instructors can stop tuition if the pupil shows insufficient aptitude and application.  This would not be done without initial contact with parent/carer to alert them to any issues which might require additional support from home.