Invergordon Leisure Centre » Fitness Suite

Completely refurbished in December 2014, the fitness suite is split into two areas; A cardio-vascular & resistance area and the strength & conditioning  area.

Fitness rooms are air conditioned to keep you cool while you workout with a water station to keep you hydrated. We have a great range of state of the art Technogym fitness equipment.


Cardio-Vascular & Resistance Area

All CV stations have easy to use touch screens with built in TV, radio, iPod docking station, headphone socket and built in heart rate monitors.  We have 27 stations:

8 Treadmills                                                  3 Concept 2 Rowers

5 Varios                                                          3 Crossovers

3 Upright Bikes                                             3 Recline Bikes

1 Wattbike                                                      1 Top Station


Our resistance stations include:

Chest Press                                                   Lat Machine

Leg Extension                                              Leg Curl

Vertical Traction                                         Low Row

Ercolina Rehab                                           Shoulder Press

Dual Adjustable Pulley                              Leg Press

Total Abdominal Traction

An adjustable bench and dumbbell rack with weights ranging from 1kg to 22kg are available as is the functional ARKE Core Centric training system.

We also have an anterior and a posterior flexibility station.


Strength & Conditioning Area

Plate loaded stations including:

Incline chest press                                      Shoulder Press

Leg Press                                                       Low Row

Cavi Incrociati                                              Multi Power

Olympic Half Rack                                      Chest press

Benches, Olympic bars and various dumbbells ranging from 12kg to 50kg are also available.


Personal Training

We offer an exceptional personal training service.  This can be on a 1:1 basis or 1:2 basis.  Please contact us for more information.

It is our goal to help you use the gym safely and efficiently so before you can start you’ll need a simple gym induction with one of our friendly instructors. It’s our chance to show you how to use the equipment safely and explain its benefits. If you already use another High Life venue a fast track induction is available.