Inverness Leisure » Safety Admissions Policy

At Inverness Leisure we want our visitors to have as much fun as possible when they use our swimming pools, however, in order for you and others to be able to have an enjoyable time,  it is important  that everyone stays safe and aware of their own capabilities as well as those they are visiting with.

Therefore in the interests of safety to yourself and other pool users, we ask everyone to observe and note the following restrictions and guidance: Swimming Pool Admissions Policy

Any groups visiting who fall outwith these ratios may be interested in our

Splash Sessions

Please note that every Saturday and Sunday (9.00am – 10.55am) we hold our Splash Session where we supply additional staffing to allow the standard admissions policy to be slightly amended. As a result the following ratios are applied at these times only.

  • 1 adult to 2 children for children ages under 5
  • 1 adult to 3 children for children ages 5, 6 or 7