Inverness Leisure » Running Track

The Queens Park Athletics Stadium is adjacent to the Sports Centre featuring a 400m, 8 lane synthetic all-weather track with floodlighting and seating for over 500 spectators.

Being the home of local running club the Inverness Harriers the stadium is fully equipped for major athletics training and competition, including photo finish and public address systems.

The track at Inverness Leisure is available for casual public use when it is not in use for events or club/group activitie as well as offering a large outdoor activity area for other individual events or to compliment an event being held within the leisure centre.

Having recently undergone a massive refurbishment, Queens Park Athletics Stadium is udoubtedly one of the best tracks in the whole of Scotland and with such picturesque surroundings is always near the top of the athletes’ favourite track lists.

The track is also in regular use for competions through the summer season so customers are advised to click on the ‘current restrictions’ link below to find out what events are taking place over the next few months.

Please note that the track is closed to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 7.00pm and 8.30pm for Inverness Harriers AAC training sessions. The Track is also unavailable during the below events.

  • Wednesday 25th July                  18:00 – 20:30                        Inverness Harriers
  • Saturday 1st September               11:00 – 14:00                       Inverness Harriers
  • Sunday 9th September                 10:30 – 17:30                       RAM Athletics League
  • Monday 10th September             15:30 – 17:30                      High Life Highland Pre-School Run
  • Sunday 7th October                      08:30 – 17:30                       High Life Highland Junior Triathlon
  • Friday 23rd November                12:30 – 22:30                        Proclaimers Concert
  • Sunday 10th March                      07:30 – 17:30                        Inverness Half Marathon

Please note these are the actual measurements of each lane

Lane 1 - 400.000m

Lane 2 - 407.038m

Lane 3 - 414.704m

Lane 4 - 422.370m

Lane 5 - 430.034m

Lane 6 - 437.700m

Lane 7 - 445.636m

Lane 8 - 453.032m

Full use of lanes 1 and 2 is only available for club sessions and events to minimise wear and tear of the track surface.