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SSP Timetable 15 April-29 June 2024


SSP Changing Information

METAFIT: A 30 minute high intensity workout that needs no equipment, creates metabolic disturbance, burns fat and has a great pumping sound-track.

CIRCUITS: A multi station workout that works the whole body, using a variety of body weight and equipment exercises.

FATBURN EXTREME: A 20 minute maximal effort work out where you choose when you recover. A full body work out that requires no equipment.

GAMEFIT: The 20 Minute Sports Performance Workout. Participants work until failure, rest only for recovery and go again, making it specific to the individual regardless of age gender and fitness level.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. A 20 minute workout with short fast bursts of work.

AQUA AEROBICS: A water based exercise class that uses body weight and water as resistance.

AQUA RUN: Scramble, Run, Crawl or walk your way over our 20 metre inflatable avoiding the Leisure Assistants cold hose you must be a competent swimmer aged between 8 and 14 years old.

HAPPY HOUR: Fancy coming along and join in for £1.00 per activity, then try our Happy Hour! This can include the Fitness Room, Swimming Pool and Sauna/Steam Rooms.

ADULT SWIMMING: Over 16 years old? There are sessions for you too, Come along and enjoy the comfort of our heated indoor swimming pool away from the hoards!

FUN SESSIONS: Great fun for all the family, We supply the big floats, woggles and lots of other toys, all you have to do is bring the fun!