Dingwall Leisure Centre » Strength and Conditioning

Our strength & conditioning room offers:

  • Plate loaded hip thrust machine
  • 3 x Full racks (squats/deadlifts/bench press etc)
  • Plate loaded leg press
  • DAP cable pully machine
  • Plate loaded chest press
  • Range of dumbbells from 1kg – 50kg


The main gym and strength room now each require a separate induction and these will be bookable separately online.  There will be three options available for differing skill levels, as follows:

Main Gym

🟪Main Gym Induction

Everyone wishing to use highlife fitness rooms must undertake an induction prior to using the fitness room equipment, this will cover the safe use of the cardio, resistance and strength machines within the main gym area.

🟪Main Gym Familiarisation Induction

This option is for those people who regularly use gym equipment.  A practical demonstration of the person’s knowledge and competency is required on cardio equipment, resistance equipment and strength equipment within the main gym area.

🟪Main Gym highlife existing user

If you have completed an induction at another highlife site, you are permitted to use all other highlife fitness rooms and do not require a further induction. You will however be required to complete another PAR-Q form so that a copy is held at each site you use.

You will be provided with a tour of the fitness room and equipment including cleaning stations, emergency exits, alarms and water stations and identifying any specialist equipment on which you require further induction as appropriate.


Strength Room

🟨Strength Room Induction

This strength and conditioning induction is for beginners or those less confident in weightlifting.  It will cover the main lifting techniques to assist you in minimising the risk of injury that could be caused by misuse.

🟨Strength Room Familiarisation Induction

Strength and conditioning induction for those with lifting experience and demonstrating compliance with correct lifting techniques.

🟨Strength Room Health & Safety Induction

This induction applies if we have a record that you have already carried out a strength and conditioning induction at Lochaber Leisure Centre, Inverness Leisure or Invergordon Leisure Centre.


Fitness room users who have previously completed an induction and PAR-Q are not required to undergo a further full induction although you may find it useful to do so.  Our colleagues will be on hand at various specified times for the first few weeks of operation of the new equipment in the fitness room to respond to your queries.

Please note, if a record cannot be confirmed for a previous induction, you will need to complete one of the above options for each room.