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Tain Community Sport Hub is based around Tain Royal Academy Community Complex, a dual use facility between the Tain Royal Academy and the community, operated by High Life Highland. The CSH brings together clubs and key partners both that use the facility and that are contained within the local community.Tain CSH is open to all clubs and organisations that are based within or have a connection to the Tain Royal Academy catchment area that have the ambition to develop their own clubs and to contribute to the development of sport as a whole within the locally community.

To build a local sporting community that comes together to share ideas, ambitions and expertise that will strive to make sport and physical activity easily accessible and enjoyable for every person in the local community.

Who is Involved:

13 Clubs – 1244 Participants – 90 Deliverers

Tain Royal Academy (both School staff and Pupils) Youth Development, Active-Schools and Facilities staff are all involved in the project alongside representatives from local sports clubs.

The Community Sport Hub also has strong links with the regional Sports Specific Officers and regional sportscotland staff.


Tain Amateur Swim Club

Tain Juniors Football Club

Tain Golf Club

Ross-Sutherland Rugby Club

St Duthus Bowling Club

East-Sutherland Athletics Club

Tain Tennis Club

Tain Table-tennis Club

Kempo School of Tain

East Sutherland Wheelers

Tain Badminton Club

Inverness Orienteering Club

Milton Bowling Club

Download the Club Directory: Tain CSH Brochure

Tain CSH events:

Thank you to everyone who helped out or participated in the recent Tain Community Sport Hub ‘Come & Try Racket Sports’ event at TRACC.

We had a great turnout and a short press release, together with some pictures of the event are in the PDF below. A short video with some highlights from the event can also be found on the Highland Community Sport Hub facebook page, www.facebook.com/cshhighland

Check out the video and pic’s of the Tain CSH ‘Come & Try Racket Sports’ event Sept 2019

Media-Release Tain Racket Sport Event 2019


Community Sports Hub Officer – Katie Matthews

T: 01349 781691

E: [email protected]

fb: www.facebook.com/cshhighland

Twitter: @HLHSport


Active Schools Coordinator: Julie Cleghorn



Facility Manager: Kelly Skinner