North Coast Visitor Centre » Change by Society of Caithness Artists

This exhibition shows work by several members of the Society of Caithness artists who have interpreted the theme of “Change” in their own particular and personal style. Some of the artists have added a few words to explain and expand on why their artwork is titled the way it is. Some artists have been very honest in their openness and willingness to share their own experiences of life and how art has helped their well-being. This exhibition is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful exhibitions ever organised by the Society and visitors are encouraged to share their responses in the visitor comments book.

The aspect of change has many views with a broad canvas. It has been seen as, climate change, gender change, financial change, a change in health both mental and physical and a change of status. The list is endless and as diverse as every one of us.

The Society of Caithness Artists was first approached by the organisers of Scottish Mental health Arts and Film Festival (4th-22nd October 2023 in Glasgow) about mounting an exhibition linking art and mental health. The Society was very happy to positively respond, and the results are proudly on display in this gallery. The original idea of a theme was to be “Revolution” and by adapting this to the alternative theme of “Change” demonstrates the inclusivity that creativity can provide. It is with this inclusivity that viewers are encouraged to share their own reactions.

Thank you for visiting.