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Box Skills Programme (P2 to P4)

Our Box Skills Programme is for primary children in classes 2 through to 4 (ages 5,6,7,8) this program is a follow on to our 1st Touch Program for nursery 4 – P2 kids and will aim to improve their skills they have picked up at the afore mentioned program such as dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and running. We will also start to introduce them to skills, teaching them not only the skill but also introducing them to where on the pitch this skill could be effective. The sessions are repetition based but structured and will introduce a more disciplined environment but not forget that all children will have lots of fun. It will be a mixture of the fun games they all loved in the “1st Touch Program”

At the start of every session upon arrival to the class, each child will be given a ball to practice their individual skills. The sessions will each be structured around a core content but always follow the same pattern. A ball based warm up followed by the designed rhythmic warm up. The rest of the session will be made up from your main content and finish off with a small sided game.


Agility and SpeedBall Skills

FinishingPassing and Control