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1st Touch Programme (4 years to P1)

Our 1st Touch Programme is for Nursery 4 to P1 children, introducing the children to skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and running. The sessions are fun based but structured and will also help co-ordination, balance, movement, social skills, communication and space awareness.

Upon entering the playing area the children will be given a ball to have five minutes ‘free play’ with the ‘grown ups’. The sessions will begin with a warm-up followed by fun games and exercises which are designed to help the children become familiar with the correct techniques, skills, rules and etiquette of football. The sessions will always end with small-sided matches. This gives the children a chance to show what they have learnt, emphasises teamwork and is of course what football is all about, plus it is the most FUN part!


Agility and SpeedBall Skills

FinishingPassing and Control