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Report from Conservation Open Day, 24th August

We had a very successful Conservation Open Day at the Highland Archive Centre on Thursday, 24th August. Fifteen attendees spent the day with two members of staff from High Life Highland’s Conservation Service – Richard Aitken (Senior Conservator) and Jeanette Pearson, (Conservation Officer).

The morning started with a Document and Handling Session which included materials available for packaging and cleaning. Richard gave advice on books, photographs and rolled material and Jeanette advised on ceramics. Two presentations followed – one on conservation of a marine map and one on conservation of ceramics.

During lunch there was an opportunity for group discussion and in the afternoon session there was a chance for the attendees to bring out a treasured item, which Richard and Jeanette took time to assess and discuss.

Feedback from the participants on the day was very positive. Comments included:

Really informative and relevant information.

Great opportunity to network, share ideas and problem solve.

You can find out more about out High Life Highland’s Conservation Services here.