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Winter Message to HLH Customers

As we approach the end of our second month of operating under the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 restrictions, we thought that it would be an opportune time to provide you all with a quick update.  Specifically, on the operating requirements for compliance to remain open, as the weather begins to change.

The ‘customer journey’ and one-way systems within our sites were planned with the ‘long-game’ in mind to allow for a planned and incremental increase in activities, classes, areas opening up along with the associated increase in customers.  Our procedures also have to align with the current Government guidelines and one of the most effective control measures for the reduction in risk for spreading the virus is social distancing.  This is why our sites have booking systems to reduce the likelihood of queues and why our classes have staggered and deconflicted start times to prevent all customers arriving at the same time.

This does, however, require customers to leave the premises in between classes, even if they are booked on back-to-back classes.  Whilst it is appreciated that this is inconvenient to go out and then return again for a later class, this movement of customers prevents long queues, prevents customers from gathering outside classes without the space for social distancing and also ensures that we do not get groups waiting inside studios in between classes. Moreover, it allows cleaning between classes to be carried out without the increased risk to employees of staff mixing with customers without the social distancing in place and distancing is our best line of defence.

Understandably, as the weather deteriorates this will be even more of a frustration to customers and so we ask for your understanding during these difficult times and whilst this arrangement is not ideal, it is what needs to be in place to enable the facilities to remain open.  The difficulty we have is that if we were to provide socially distanced waiting areas internally, for customers to occupy in between classes, then we would need to reduce classes to free up this space which would further add to the inconvenience .

Given the ongoing trend for the increase in COVID-19 positive cases, HLH has to play its part in mitigating the spread of the of the virus. Therefore, we certainly cannot relax the cleaning regimes, social distancing measures or one way systems in place in order to remain COVID-secure, whilst accepting that the customer experience isn’t as it would normally be. Please note that for any customer with a disability or a customer that may have any specific or additional needs, then their customer journeys will be tailored as necessary to assist with regards to access to our sites.