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Unmissable offer for new highlife members in celebration of Invergordon Leisure Centre’s swimming pool reopening

Invergordon Pool Reopening

High Life Highland are delighted to announce that Invergordon Leisure Centre’s swimming pool is reopening on Friday 15th September.

Catriona Fraser, High Life Highland’s Leisure Manager at Invergordon Leisure Centre, said: “Since the pool was initially closed, a tremendous amount of work has gone into planning and reopening to customers.

“I’m so pleased to share that, thanks to the hard work of all staff involved in the reopening process, Invergordon Leisure Centre’s pool is opening ahead of schedule!

“Not only can customers celebrate by coming along on Friday 15th September, but High Life Highland is also putting on a limited time offer exclusive to new highlife members.

“To doubly celebrate the reopening of the swimming pool, the exclusive but limited time offer is as follows: pay nothing until Sunday 8th October if a new member joins between the initial opening day of Friday 15th September, up until Tuesday 19th September.

“To redeem this offer, please visit Invergordon Leisure Centre in person and speak to our friendly team of reception staff. Please note, however, that this offer is only redeemable to new customers, and only redeemable onsite rather than online.

“The swimming pool is expected to be very popular throughout its reopening weekend, so be sure to book your place in advance using High Life Highland’s online booking system.

“On behalf of High Life Highland and the staff at Invergordon Leisure Centre, we look forward to welcoming customers back to use the swimming pool.”

Steve Walsh, High Life Highland’s Chief Executive, concluded: “To all of Invergordon Leisure Centre’s regular swimmers, High Life Highland is grateful for your patience and understanding during the work carried out to reopen Invergordon Leisure Centre’s swimming pool.”

High Life Highland will be operating the normal booking system for family friendly and fun sessions. It is advisable to book in advance, as the swimming pool is expected to be popular.

Please book online at https://summer.highland.gov.uk/connect/mrmlogin.aspx or by phoning Invergordon Leisure Centre on 01349 781 561.

Swimming pool timetables can be found on High Life Highland’s social media pages or by visiting: https://www.highlifehighland.com/invergordon-leisure-centre/timetables-2/