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The search is on for new Highland Youth Convener

The call has gone out to the young people of the Highlands, as they are being invited to put themselves forward to become the Highlands’ next Youth Convener.

The Highland Youth Convener is a unique role created in 2007 by The Highland Council to champion the causes of young people across the Highlands.

Outgoing Youth Convener, Caitlyn Munro explains, “This massively important role is a sounding board for youth issues in the Highlands, but with the added advantage of having a direct line with policymakers and decision-makers across the region.

“Like me, the new Youth Convener will be a full voting member of The Highland Council’s Education Committee. They will also work with High Life Highland’s Youth Services Team in developing the work of the Highland Youth Parliament, as well as contributing to other initiatives that increase youth involvement, and influencing decisions which may impact young people.

Caitlyn Munro explained, “Young people involved in the Highland Youth Parliament have highlighted their priority issues, including access to services and transport, social pressures, Mental Health concerns and academic stress. And one of the roles of the new Youth Convener will be to be the voice for young people, and engage with individuals, groups, organisations and decision-makers to ensure the thoughts and views of young people are represented – in all areas of the Highlands.”

Head of Adult and Youth Services for High Life Highland Mark Richardson said, “In a modern, progressive society, it is vital that young people’s rights are upheld and championed by us all. This includes having their voices heard; being able highlight what they need, as well as shaping the way in which young people in communities are served.

“The Youth Convener role provides a significant platform for the voices of young people to be heard – in all the right places.

“The new Highland Youth Convener will be put into position for a period of 12-months. During the year in office, it creates a superb opportunity for someone to provide a full-time face, voice and connection for young people, as well as creating a link to services and service-providers across the Highland area.”

Young people of the Highlands are therefore being invited to put themselves forward to take up this vital and important representative role.

Any young person who has good community skills, a strong awareness of issues affecting young people, an ability to represent those views and who has the ability to work with and relate to a wide range of people and organisations is being invited to apply for the position.

Incumbent Highland Youth Convener, Caitlyn Munro concluded, “The post of Youth Convener is unique in Scotland. It is a great honour and privilege to represent young people across the region, as well as offering the appointee a great deal of personal satisfaction from the role. I would encourage my peers to consider the post and make an application.”

For more information, visit highlifehighland.org/recruitment