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Lochaber Leisure Centre becomes High Life Highland’s first facility to install Technogym ‘Visio’ System

Molly Blackhall, Gary Davidson, Kira MacDonald, Teresa Macdonald (Lochaber Leisure Centre staff)

Lochaber Leisure Centre will be the latest High Life Highland facility to benefit from an ongoing programme to upgrade gyms across the charity’s network.

The cardiovascular area of the gym will close on Wednesday 6th December, and will reopen on Saturday 9th December, to allow refurbishment and a staff training day to take place.

Gary Davidson, High Life Highland’s Leisure Manager at the facility, said: “We are so excited to be able to upgrade our old equipment and introduce new advanced equipment and training opportunities into the space.

“The full refurbishment puts Lochaber Leisure Centre as High Life Highland’s first facility to install the Technogym ‘Visio’ system, a huge benefit to existing highlife members as well as those considering joining.

“Introduction of new cardiovascular equipment will allow customers to refresh their training and try new forms of exercise, and access to the Technogym app and interactive equipment will enhance customer experience at the Centre.

“Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits, including: improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, regulating blood sugar, boosting brain activity, and more.

“In addition, regular cardio exercise is proven to help people live a longer and happier life! With that in mind, the team at Lochaber Leisure Centre could not be happier to announce these positive changes to the facility.

“We look forward to re-opening the brand-new space, and welcoming customers in for an upgraded experience of Lochaber Leisure Centre’s gym.”

The installation will include the following from the Excite Live range: two Bike Live, three Climb Live, one Recline Live, six Run Live, two Synchro Live, one Top Live, two Vario Live, and two Ride Live.

In addition, there will be two Skillmills, one Skillrow, two Technogym Bikes, a ‘My Wellness’ Kiosk, a Tanita Body Analyzer, and a Dual Leg Curl/Leg Extension.

The new gym at Lochaber Leisure Centre will host an open day on Saturday 9th December for highlife members as well as members of the public.