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Inverness Botanic Gardens and Nursery brings cheer to patients

High Life Highland staff at Inverness Botanic Gardens and Nursery (IBG&N) have been bringing cheer to patients and staff at Raigmore Hospital’s Renal Unit in Inverness during this lockdown period by delivering plants for brightening up this part of the building and grounds.

Although most plant orders placed by IBG&N in advance of the lockdown were possible to cancel, this small delivery went ahead and the plants were ready last week. IBG&N staff heard that the Renal Unit were interested and made the delivery as soon as practical within the social distancing guidelines. The hospital staff are using the plants to enhance an area of ground near the Unit which is being well used as staff and patients alike practice social distancing within the hospital.

Inverness Botanic Gardens and Nursery Manager Ewan Mackintosh said:

“We would usually be in the midst of a busy time of year for the gardens, with lots of new spring plants bringing exciting colour for all our visitors.  Although we were able to cancel most of our planned deliveries, it was too late to do this for a small number of orders. This opportunity means that the plants will still bring benefit to others as they brighten the days of both patients and staff at the hospital during this unusual time.”

Dr Laird, one of the medical staff at the Renal Unit, contacted IBG&N to say:

“Thank you so much for the amazing plants. Everyone was very polite and shy when you made the delivery but after you left lots of staff came to say you’ve made them very happy! They were so chuffed with the delivery. Thanks so much.”

Another member of the unit said on FaceBook:

“Thank you! You have made the place look wonderful, and the therapeutic power of plants cannot be underestimated.”

Like all HLH locations, Inverness Botanic Gardens & Nursery – normally full colour and texture at this time of year – is closed to visitors. As with other HLH services, however, the staff are finding ways to connect with people during the lockdown, including this example.