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Hydro Ness naming winner gets activity morning thanks to High Life Highland

High Life Highland treated pupils at Milton of Leys Primary School to an activity morning after a pupil won a competition to name the River Ness hydroelectric generator.

Grace Mackenzie, a P7 pupil, came up with the name Hydro Ness after entering The Highland Council competition last year.

Not only has her idea been immortalised in steel, but her friends from her class were able to enjoy the benefits with an activity morning filled with fun and team games thanks to High Life Highland.

Hydro Ness will generate on average 550,000 kWh of renewable energy each year with the ‘Archimedes Screw’ powered by the running waters of the River Ness.

As water flows into the Hydro, it will pass through spiral blades forcing the screw to turn. Energy generated from the movement will be converted into electricity using a generator.

The project supplies about 50% of the electricity demand of the nearby Inverness Leisure Centre, operated by High Life Highland.

Councillor Karl Rosie, Chair of The Highland Council’s Climate Change Committee said: “I am delighted to hear Grace and her classmate enjoyed their day – Inverness Leisure Centre is a superb community asset and it’s really exciting to see it benefit from green energy supplied by Hydro Ness.

“I know the project team were delighted with the name and poster submitted by Grace and it’s great to see students across Highland taking an interest in this project and the wider climate agenda. Thanks to our colleagues at High Life Highland for organising such a great day.”

The hydroelectric scheme, which became fully operational in March, will be open to the public in late July, with an interpretive visitor experience for people to learn more about the power of hydroelectricity.

The content will also encourage visitors to think about their personal impact on the environment.

Earlier this month, Hydro Ness was short-listed as a finalist for The VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards.