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Hundreds of local residents attend Ben Nevis Visitor Centre’s ‘spooktacular’ event

Marshmallow Station

In a spirited display of community engagement, 140 local residents gathered at the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre (BNVC) on the eve of October 30th to experience a Halloween-themed ‘spooky trail’ event.

The engaging activities showcased the continued efforts of High Life Highland to enrich local lives by reinvesting proceeds from the BNVC car park into community-focused events, in a successful collaboration with the Countryside Ranger Service.

The trail, a winding path of fun and frights, featured apple dookin’ with apples donated by the Fort William Morrisons, a slime-filled feely coffin, and a ghost crafting station where children repurposed recycled cups into eerie ghouls.

The festive affair brought smiles and sweets to all the children, while adults and kids alike donned creative costumes to enhance the spooky atmosphere.

Ewan Thorburn, manager of the BNVC, remarked: “It’s absolutely heartwarming to see the community come together like this. These events are not only about having fun but also about creating lasting memories and strengthening our community bonds.”

Volunteers, including members of High Life Highland’s Youth Leadership Programme, were integral to the event’s success, showcasing the dedication and spirit of our local youth.

Michelle Melville, High Life Highland’s Heritage Ranger, who managed the much-loved toasted marshmallow station, added: “There’s something truly magical about gathering around a fire, sharing stories, and enjoying a simple treat under the stars.

“It’s these moments that remind us of the simple joys of community and the great outdoors.”

Amidst the supernatural sightings of ghosts, vampires, and witches, the event offered respite with complimentary tea and coffee on a crisp, clear Highland night.

The free-to-attend spooky trail experience not only provided entertainment but also supported a great cause, raising £68 for the Ranger Service.

High Life Highland continues to demonstrate its commitment to community enhancement by organising events, ensuring that every penny contributed to BNVC’s facilities is channelled back into creating meaningful experiences for locals and visitors alike.

For more information, or to get involved in future events, please contact the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre or visit the High Life Highland website: https://www.highlifehighland.com/bennevis/