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HLH Dingwall and Black Isle gym update

High Life Highland’s Dingwall Leisure Centre is on schedule for the reopening of its gym on Wednesday 4 January 2023 following an upgrade over the festive season. The facility is the latest High Life Highland site to benefit from an ongoing programme to upgrade gyms across the charity’s network.

Customers keen to try out the new equipment on offer will be able to get started in the gym on 29 and 30 December, when it will be open from 10am to 2pm each day.

The range of equipment to be installed will include new cardio and skill equipment including recline and upright bikes, treadmills, synchros, a skill bike, skill mill and skill rows, as well as an extensive range of strength equipment.

The Dingwall Leisure Centre induction process has been updated to take into account the change in the equipment.  As previously advised, each area of the gym (the main gym and the strength room) will require an induction and these will be bookable separately. There will be inductions available for different skill levels with more details available from the leisure centre.

Fitness room users who have previously completed an induction and PAR-Q are not required to undergo a further full induction although they may find it useful to do so.  The fitness room will be manned at various times for the first few weeks to deal with any customer queries.

The High Life Highland facility in Dingwall will be open to members for inductions on Thursday 29 December and Friday 30 December, and then from Wednesday 4 January 2023 onwards. Inductions can be booked online 7 days in advance by visiting www.highlifehighland.com For more information, visit https://www.highlifehighland.com/dingwall-leisure-centre/ or https://www.facebook.com/dingwallleisurecentre/ .

The planned changes to the Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose are also going according to plan, and will reopen tomorrow morning (22 December). The centre will have an expanded fitness suite, with a wider range of equipment for people using the gym, including a dual adjustable pulley, Olympic flat bench, half rack, abdominal crunch, low row, adjustable bench, skill row, skill bench and upgraded treadmills.

For more details of the induction process for the new equipment at the Black Isle Leisure Centre, please contact the centre directly:  https://www.highlifehighland.com/black-isle-leisure-centre/