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Dancing with Sharks at Strathpeffer Pavilion

Participants at an Afternoon Dance last weekend at Strathpeffer Pavilion enjoyed a free lesson in Argentine Tango before showing off their new found skills during two hours of dancing with local band ‘Dancing With Sharks’

The Afternoon Dance was organized by local businessman Phil Armshaw and High Life Highland and attracted a wide range of positive comments both around the dancing, catering and the venue itself, with many particularly enjoying the large dimensions of the dance floor.

As well as providing a good time for local residents and visitors alike, the Afternoon Dance raised funds for local mental health charity Hugs.

The event was so successful that the local organisers have pledged to put on a series of similar events throughout the summer with Afternoon Dances running on the 3rd Sunday of every month until August, with an autumn series already being considered.

The next dance will take place on Sunday 17th June from 2-5pm with the free dance lesson covering the Charleston and music from Dancing with Sharks – Entry is £10 per person and June’s proceeds will benefit Munlochy Animal Aid.

Photo:  Matthias Kremer, | mkremerphotography.com