Black Isle Leisure Centre » Fitness Suite

Our Fitness suite is split into two separate rooms and our equipment is supplied by Technogym or Concept 2

One room holds our cardiovascular equipment includes 3 treadmills, 2 bikes, 1 spin bike, 2 cross trainers, 1 cross overs and 2 rowers and a stretching area. Looking out from the this room we have a fantastic sea view over the Moray Firth.

Our second room consists of free weights and resistance machines  and these include Dual Adjustable Pulley, Olympic Flat Bench, Half Rack, Abdominal Crunch, Low Row, Adjustable Bench, Skill bench, Leg Press, Chess press, Shoulder press , Lat machine  Ercolino Rehab and Dumbbells

It is our goal to help you use the gym safely and efficiently so before you can start you’ll need a simple gym induction with one of our friendly instructors. It’s our chance to show you how to use the equipment safely and explain its benefits. For our induction information please see our Timetables tab