Summer Holiday Activities

Summer Holiday Activities: Booking Opens Saturday 3rd June!

Activity booking opens on Saturday 3rd June. If you hold an All-Inclusive or Budget leisure membership you’ll be eligible to access the pre-sale from 7am. General booking will open at 12 Noon.

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High Life Membership

To access the Summer Programme Booking System, you will need a High Life card for each and every person you wish to book on. These cards need to have been issued by one of our leisure centres (or activated at a leisure site if issued initially as a library card only). You will be charged one of three prices by the booking system: All Inclusive (Individual or Family Direct Debit), Budget or Pay As You Go. To login, you will need the Member ID number from the High Life card and the 4 digit PIN. If you do not know the PIN, please use the High Life Member PIN Recovery Tool or or contact your local High Life Highland leisure centre for further assistance.

High Life Member's Card